Act I

This week was all about showing love to the people I care most about. My mom recently came back from a trip back home to see my grandma. She’s been battling cancer for a while and the situation got pretty bad so I knew when she came back that she’d be having a hard time. She started work a couple days after she came back home, so I decided to wake up at 8:00 am to make her breakfast. It kind of felt like I was the parent sending my kid off to school. I know it’s something small, but it felt nice to be able to take care of her a little.

One of my best friends came back for the holidays. We went out for waffles and bubble tea with another friend to catch up. While the two of them were conversing, I went ahead and paid for the whole bill-sneaky, sneaky! Anyway I know both of these acts weren’t life-changing by any means, but it felt good to give back to the people I love. I used to be stuck in this mindset that only elaborate deeds actually counted, but I think it’s important to remember that the little things do matter. 🙂


The Year of Action and the Death of Procrastination (…to some extent)

Well…I think it’s pretty obvious from the date of my last post, that I am a terrible procrastinator. In fact, I couldn’t even log into my blog on account of having been away from it for too long.

log in fail

Not a good start. A good analogy that I’ve heard for procrastination is that it’s like a dark playground. You end up spending all this time doing things that should be fun-scrolling through your Facebook, watching videos on Youtube, maybe even reading cleverly-written posts about procrastination…all this stuff that should be fun, but makes you hate yourself at the same time because you really should be doing something more productive.

The aforementioned analogy comes from the article “Why Procrastinators Procrastinate” and “How to Beat Procrastination” is the follow up article. They’re incredibly witty and relatable while also managing to be encouraging and reassuring that you’re not alone in the battle against procrastination. I highly recommend these two reads!

Anyway…I wasn’t planning on ranting on about procrastination, but rather wanted to share my goal for the year. I realized that I spend a lot more time talking about things rather than actually doing them. I do think actions speak louder than words, and I realized that I really wanted to start holding myself more accountable to this idea. This year I’ve decided to try and complete at least one act of kindness per week and share it at on the blog at the end of the week. This way I’ll be able to turn at least one thought into action per week. I think we often forget to appreciate the smaller things in life…I know I often do, especially during stressful times like exam week. Hopefully this will be my little light at the end of the tunnel for the darker weeks, as well as encourage people to participate in a random act of kindness here or there. So here’s to brightening up (at least) 52 days of the year! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous because I do NOT want to lose against my procrastination/laziness/self-doubt, but I’m excited for the year ahead! Best of luck to everyone with accomplishing their goals for 2015. 🙂


Happiness du jour

We all have those moments of feeling inspired. Sometimes we take that positive energy and make something of it while oftentimes we let the feeling slip away and continue with our lives without changing a thing…for myself, it’s often been the latter. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years already, but it’s never happened. There have been times where I’ve almost created one-gone on the sign up page and told myself that today will for sure be the day that it happens…and it doesn’t happen. And then I’ll tell myself that I’ll for sure do it tomorrow…

the wonderfully mystical land where all my work gets done

…but the place I never seem to be able to get to. I make way too many excuses for myself. In the process of trying to make this blog I’ve done a whole lot of procrastinating. I wrote this note to myself on January 1, 2014 with the intent of posting it later that day.


Obviously the post never made it out of my iPad…until now. I’m working on getting to that tomorrow-land…

I am a big believer in human goodness and try to remember to enjoy the smaller things in life. Whether it be through random acts of kindness, stories, photos or even cool science/math facts, I hope to try and capture some of the beauty and quirks of our world and share it with you. Hopefully, eventually this blog will become someone’s happiness du jour. 🙂